Animal Kingdom Book Launch

3rd May 2016

Jim Naughten presents his project Animal Kingdom at KK Outlet to tie in with the launch of his new book by the same name.

Animal Kingdom, his most recent project, explores Victorian and Edwardian Natural History specimens and skeletons held in museum collections. The images are fascinating when viewed in two dimensions, but are transformed and brought to life through stereoscopy – a technique developed in the 1800s to create the illusion of viewing images in three dimensions.

Naughten has spent a year photographing collections from the Grant Museum of Zoology, Oxford Museum of Natural History, Cole Museum of Zoology, Museum of Life Sciences, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, Powell Cotton Museum and the Horniman Museum and Gardens; gathering images and overcoming technical challenges.

The final images will be presented with specially designed stereoscopic viewers throughout the exhibition. The new Animal Kingdom book will also be available to buy throughout the show.