BACK to work

15th May 2020

Working over the past few weeks with a cross section of agents, photographers, insurers, the APA and the AOP, we have compiled a set of guidelines which we hope will encourage advertisers and publishers to edge back into the world of commissioning commercial and editorial photography. It will be a new world no doubt, but our guidelines are designed to remind us of what needs to be done in order to carry out safe production work from the very start of a photographic or motion project, all the way through to delivery.

We are now also offering business incentives to help our clients feel comfortable again in funding projects, such as waiving cancellation fees and offering more incremental advance payment terms.

Each project will be different, but with our new guides in place we feel happy we can accommodate most sensible briefs going forward – get in touch if you would like to learn more about the guidelines or our business incentives.

Click here for guidelines

Image by Jim Naughten