23rd May 2024

Over the past year Kerry has spent time documenting the ups and downs of an Equatorial Guinean football team based in London called EG UK FC. As the English football season draws to a close with the FA Cup this weekend, we thought it would be a good time to show you some of the work Kerry has compiled over this period.

Kerry has an innate ability to put his subjects at ease, letting them go about their business while he carefully observes and captures moments which define relationships. As we know, football provides the vessel for all manner of human behaviour and emotion, and throughout the year Kerry has witnessed much of what defines us as human, played out before his lens in the red shirts of a local amateur football team.
In these images you will see trepidation, contemplation, anger, joy, disappointment, encouragement, friendship, conflict… but most of all, passion. A passion for the game and a passion for life.